Digital Marketing: Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning & Analytics

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Digital Marketing: Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning & Analytics


An estimated new value created in the economy over the next decade will be based on digitally enabled platform business models.
year-on-year growth for the digital marketing industry compared to a 5-6 percent growth in other industries.
of organizations are engaged in some form of digital initiative.

Program Structure

  • From Mass Marketing to Customer Networks 
    Gain an understanding of customer interactions using the concepts of customer advocacy and the dynamics of the relationship between classic marketers and customers in the digital era.
  • The Digital Advertising Mix: Key Channels and Principles
    Learn how to complete a search market simulation using the channels available in digital marketing to effectively apply the principles of targeting, personalization, and optimizing to form your own digital marketing campaign.
  • Five Core Behaviors of Customers in the Digital World
    Explore the impact of digital technologies on behavior and the importance of your decision-making process and how it affects the results of your campaign within a simulation.
  • Access Strategy
    Analyze how a company implements the access strategy and utilizes its various approaches including on-demand services, location-based services, mobile wallets, and loyalty to provide faster and easier digital services to customers.

Participant Profile

Years in Work Experience

Years of Work Experience %
21+ 17
16-20 23
11-15 21
6-10 22
1-5 17
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David Rogers - Academic Director at Columbia Business School Executive Education

David Rogers

Academic Director in Executive Education

Author, The Digital Transformation Roadmap

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