Leveraged Buyouts (Online): A Roadmap for Evaluating, Structuring, and Executing LBOsNEW

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Leveraged Buyouts (Online): A Roadmap for Evaluating, Structuring, and Executing LBOs




Program Structure

Introduction to Leveraged Buyouts
Explore the features, benefits, and critical elements necessary for a profitable LBO and the laws and regulations that govern them.

  • Identify the components of an LBO
  • Recognize the possible risks and rewards of completing a leveraged buyout
  • Identify the key factors necessary for a leveraged buyout to be successful

Participant Profile


Donna Hitscherich

Donna Hitscherich

Senior Lecturer, Business, Finance, and Economics
Director, Private Equity Program
Columbia Business School

Ellen Carr

Ellen Carr

Adjunct Associate Professor, Finance Adjunct Faculty, Heilbrunn Center for Graham and Dodd Investing

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