AI-Driven Marketing Strategy: Leveraging New Technologies to Cultivate Enduring Customer RelationshipsNEW

November 12–15, 2024
CIBE Credits
Manhattanville Campus, NYC
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AI-Driven Marketing Strategy: Leveraging New Technologies to Cultivate Enduring Customer Relationships

November 12–15, 2024
CIBE Credits
Manhattanville Campus, NYC


[1] of digital marketers report being only somewhat or not very ready for the evolving landscape of digital advertising.
[2] of marketers report that Generative AI helps create more personalized content.
[3] in US omnichannel retail media ad spend is expected in 2024, reflecting a 28.6% YoY growth.
~$59 billion

Key Benefits

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Program Structure

Program Content

Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Development in a New Technological Environment

Explore the evolving media landscape reshaped by generative AI and the MarTech industry. Take an in-depth look at the Acquisition, Retention, and Development (ARD) Framework, adapting marketing strategies within new regulatory contexts. Gain insights into the latest trends, including cookie deprecation and privacy changes, enhance understanding of consumer decision-making, and discover how to leverage Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and AI for effective customer retention and development, including: 

  • Learning the Customer Acquisition, Retention, Development (ARD) Framework 
  • Get a deeper understanding of the new media landscape 
  • Explore the recent years’ emerging trends: generative AI, MarTech, cookie deprecation and new privacy rules
  • Building a decision funnel for your customers 
  • Understand which marketing actions to focus on through Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) sensitivity analysis
  • Explore Retention and Development Technologies with CDPs and AI

Faculty Directors

Miklos Sarvary - Carson Family Professor of Business Co-Faculty Director, Media and Technology Program

Miklos Sarvary

Carson Family Professor of Business
Co-Faculty Director, Media and Technology Program

Program Co-Director
Kinshuk Jerath

Kinshuk Jerath

Professor of Business
Columbia Business School

Program Co-Director

Faculty Interview

Digital Marketing Strategy program co-directors Miklos Sarvary and Kinshuk Jerath

Building an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

The evolving tech landscape, from generative AI to MarTech, has reshaped the customer journey. In this ever-changing digital market landscape, how can organizations construct a strategy that is coherent yet still able to react to real-time market situations? We asked AI-Driven Marketing Strategy program co-directors Miklos Sarvary and Kinshuk Jerath to share their thoughts on creating effective digital marketing strategies amidst constant change.

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